Gurami Tateshvili

Online Marketing Certified Professional & Entrepreneur

At this moment, I`m trying to create the Investment Company, which will invest money and human resources in the projects which can be successful and but need professionals help for it. Mainly, I`m very active with Digital projects, but currently trying to move in the offline business and invest money there as well. If you have an idea and need someone, who can build the successful project from the scratch and invest his time/money in it, then it is right place and time to start reading the story about me. I am Digital Marketer with the 6 year experience in many fields. Started from SEO, made several successful projects and then decided to move to Digital Analytics field and learned it in depth from field's influencers Avinash Kaushik and Justin Cutroni. Currently, I am working with Affiliate Marketing, trying to improve my conversion optimization - media buying skills. I`m the VIP member one of the leading AFF Network. Love PPC advertising and working very actively with FB advertising platform. At this moment, You can see my Advertisements in 20 countries together. Already Built several Mobile Applications and some of them has interesting successful stories. In these 6 wonderful years, I have learned programming languages and front-end development side, so, i can easily work with HTML/CSS/JS/Jquery and PHP+MYSQL. I`m true fan of Wordpress with the small projects. Love people who have true passion, experience and knowledge of the field, but trying to move on and improve it day by day.


Gurami Tateshvili

Date of Birth:

22 May 1991


Republic of Georgia


+995 598-17-18-94




I have many websites, so i should know mockup and etc. I know quite well XHTML and CSS. Also GIB GROUP (My company) makes valid mockup and uses XHTML and CSS. So if you want help, also have some issues, questions, contact me and i will help you.



I love Javascript, and prefer to work with jQuery Library. Also know some great plugins for Javascript, like Raphael, Modernizer. Now going to learn PHP and Ajax with it.

I`m trying to use CSS every time, but if it is powerless,than turn is on jQuery and Javascript.



I`m learning it now as Javascript. I can fix problems with PHP and SQL, but don`t know so well to work on big projects.

I have written one easy CMS, but think that it is only start and i`m still begginer with this, but don`t hesitate and ask me any question about this,my programmers will definetely help.


Digital Analytics

I`m highly interested in Digital Analytics, the main influencers for me are: Justin Cutroni and Avanish Kaushik. I love their books and ideas, vision about Digital Analytics. I`m mainly using Google Analytics with all the functions, like goals, ecoommerce, event tracking and etc.

For sure, I love other tools to get more deep insights how, and with what are users engaging. I`m always trying to get answers why are users acting like this... Do Benchmarking as well!



As i wrote in the short biography, have many websites, which work on Wordpress platform, so me and my company develope new plugins, new themes for them, also for our clients. We know Wordpress and its Codex well, so there is no problem with this CMS.



It is the work i love. I have dozen of websites with different niches, so, it is my lovely job to optimize websites with on-Site SEO and off-site Seo white hat methods.

I work with only white hat methods and use different monetization methods.


Social Media

I love idea of Social Media. It really connects people. I have too many Pages and Social Media accounts, and this gives me strength to work in Internet easily today.

Whole Internet, not only Internet Marketing changed already a lot of and is changing also now because of Social Media activities. This became huge traffic source for everybody. So, today everyone can be hero for the 5 seconds. My target is to be hero not only for 5 seconds.

I`m working mainly with Facebook Advertisements, I love all work connected with segmenting, optimizing and getting low cost CPA. trying to get involved in Twitter much more than I`m now.


Affiliate Marketing

For me affiliate marketing is still something where i need to improve and get the results.

I was a member of Stackthatmoney forum and learned many things. I was working mainly in dating and games niches. Tried POF and other things as well.

The main networks were Peerfly, Neverblue, A4d... But I`m still not thinking myself in Aff marketing as successful person, so, i will be back with it when get some time. I`m improving my knowledge with it and will try again definitely.

May 2015 - Present

Digital Marketing Manager, CRM and Promotions

Developing holly Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Measurement Model. Creating and developing promotions, campaigns. Analysing and monitoring digital activities, trends and campaigns. Analysing Data, A/B testing, optimizing all activities is what I am addicted at.

March 2015 - Present

Ilia State University

SEO Consultant, Seo Specialist

Helping Ilia State University to improve their huge list of website's potential with SEO. They need to get higher rankings in Webometrics - University Ranking System. Developing Strategic plan, implementing it and monitoring the implementation process.

March 2014 - March 2015

Digital Marketing Manager

One of the leading company in Georgian business sector. It is the leader of gambling industry in Georgia. Europe-Bet has around 201-500 employees. Since its formation in 2010, has been one of the leading independent betting and online gaming organizations in the market.Our services utilize a wide range online gaming services including Live Casino, Poker and and a wide ranging sports betting service.

Jul 2009 - March 2013

Founder, CEO

GIB GROUP (Web Development Studio)

GIB Group (Georgian Internet Business Group) Established in 2009. It is based in Republic of Georgia. Company founders are youth people, whose target is to make quality product for world wide web. Company has 3 programmers and 4 designers. We know that each job has its bright side. Team learns new things from each job, because of this we love our work. Here is the list of our services:

March 2008 - Present

Sport Agency, Fanebi.Com

Founder, CEO

It is the Georgian Sport news agency. At first this worked only about football, but now is developing new sectors and new style of job.

November 2012 - May 2014

Clinic - In Vitro

Internet Marketing Manager

This time I`m helping Leader of Georgian IVF sector, clinic In Vitro. This company has too many patients and customers from all over the world. Our mission is to get much more patients from abroad and rise activity of the company in the Internet. It is my part time job and I`m just consulting them how to get success via Internet. We really have successful campaigns here.

University of Wroclaw

Political Science and Democratic Government - Master's Degree

The most important topics related to contemporary politics as well as key issues related to social sciences.

Tbilisi State University

Faculty of Economics and Business, Management - Bachelors Degree

Before learning at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, i had already founded my company and finished some courses of accounting, so, University could only give me more experience. Management and Project development courses were too interesting for me. I completed and got Bachelors Degree in Business Management.

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

Public Administration - Masters Degree

It is very popular and interesting University for Georgia. I`m learning here all Government problems and analysis. My sight about public problems and public politics became larger and much more deep.